How Will I Know If My Roof Was Damaged In A Storm?

Hail damage to a metal roof

A massive storm has blown through your region! Your yard is a mess, but your house seems to be fairly unscathed…but is the roof okay? Is it going to leak? Do shingles need to be replaced? Does a professional need to come in and inspect for damage?  While it may appear frustrating to figure this […]

Spotting a Leaky Roof

Builders discussing leaking roof

It can be difficult to locate the source of a suspected roof leak because water can travel due to slope, but if you follow our steps, you should be able to identify where a leak is coming from.  Step 1: Look Inside Dripping water is usually the first sign of a leaky roof. However, there […]

3 Ways to Identify Roof Scammers

Roof repair, worker with replacing gray tiles shingles on house being applied

You’re having a quiet weekend at home minding your own business, when suddenly there’s a knock at the door. You open it to see a professionally dressed person with a clipboard standing on your porch. Immediately, you wonder what he’s selling and why. Without hesitation, he jumps into a pitch about a vague recent storm […]